Welcome to my 2018-2019 Pre-K Class

I am so excited about another year of teaching Pre-K!  This is my 27th year to teach and every year has been such an adventure.  I love teaching your children.  They learn so much and always amaze me!  Please come to meet the teacher on August the 14th from 4-5pm. Your child can bring their supplies and see our room. I can’t wait to meet you and my new students!

Hope to see you soon!

Barbara Corbell


The W.O. 5th graders give Pre-K classes special gifts!

On Tues. , December the 19th, the W.O. 5th graders gave our Pre-K students special Christmas gifts.  They received pajamas, an ABC book that the kids had specially made for each student, and three new books.  Our class was so excited and happy to receive these special gifts.  Thank you fifth graders and your teachers who made this possible!  Merry Christmas!!!!