Our Goals for the First 9 Weeks of Pre-K.

For the first 9 weeks of Pre-K we will be learning how to write our names, focus and sit while the teacher is talking, counting 1-10 and recognizing our numbers 1-10, AB and ABC patterns, introducing our alphabet and their sounds, days of the week, months of the year and our colors.  We are also learning to share and play together in our centers.  Their is so much to learn in Pre-K and your children are doing a wonderful job!  I am loving everyday watching your children learn and grow.

2017/2018 I have a new position!

I have changed grade levels this year.  I loved teaching second grade but I really wanted to go back to Pre-K.  I taught Pre-K for 8 years in Hawkins and loved it!  So when the Pre-K position opened up this year I was ready to make a change back to this level.  I am also in a new room close to my old room.  The new Pre-K room is just past the second grade rooms across from Mrs. Stolle and Mrs. Benson.  Mrs. Mayfield will be my aid and she is super excited about her new position too!  I can’t wait to meet all my new students on Tuesday from 4-5pm.  This is going to be another wonderful year!!!!  Remember school starts on a Thursday this year.  My first class is from 8-11 and the next class is from 12 – 3.  Hope to see you all Tuesday!

Mrs. Corbell

Dates to remember

May 9th, Second grade is going to Calie’s Acre.

May 12th, Our class is hosting the CHAMMPS assembly with Pre-K. 8AM

Math 19th Field Day from 12:30 – 2:00

May 25th Early Release 11:00

May 26th The last day of school.  Early Release 11:00

Have a safe and happy summer!!!!


Our year is winding down fast!  Your kids are amazing!  They put on a fantastic Suesical Musical Thursday and then we had a great Easter Egg Hunt!  On Friday, April 21st, we are celebrating our annual Earth Day Celebration at Penick Park.  We will be fishing with Game Wardens, doing a footprint station with Schneider Electric, soccer, softball and other fun activities.  Brookshires is providing box lunches for our students and Walmart has donated money for us to also have drinks and cookies.  Hope to see you all there.  Happy Easter!!!