10/20/16 This is written by Harlie

We have been writing Halloween stories. We are writing haunted houses for sale.  We are doing adding and subtracting.  We are also writing about what we are for Halloween. We are doing good in school. Next week is our Red Ribbon week.  Monday we wear red, Tues. we are nerds, Wed. we can be super heros, Thurs. is crazy hat day and Friday we can wear our pajamas.

9-19-16 This is written by Scout.

We are talking about punctuation. We are counting mixed money.  Last Friday we got to buy things from our store with our money.  Thank you parents for sending us lots of prizes! We have already learned our doubles to 20.  Today we read, Punctuation takes a Vacation.  We are writing stories and reading them to each other.  We are doing super fun centers everyday. We love school!

3-28-16 House project

Mrs. Floyd’s 6th graders came and explained about what architects do and how to become one.  Next they let 2nd graders help design and build a house out of cardboard.  We had a great time doing this project with the 6th graders.